About Us

About Us

Family-owned and operated company
specialising in Landscaping throughout
Northland from Whangarei to Kaitaia.

Smyth Landscaping was established in 2014 by Hayden Smyth. Locally Owned and operated in the far North Hayden Smyth has over 16 years experience in both hard and soft landscaping  throughout the far North from Kaitaia through to Whangerei. 

Hayden Smyth believes in producing only the best customer service and getting the job done right the first time so you can have confidence in Smyth Landscaping.

Excellent service! Hayden and the team at Smyth Landscaping did an incredible job of my parents place in Kerikeri!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

Having a landscape plan created from the outset gives your garden project a greater chance of success. A quality landscape plan will include your preferences,  consider local conditions such as climate and conditions and will also acknowledge local authority rules and regulations that you may not be aware of.  A landscape plan puts all these garden design ideas and requirements in one place. If you plan to engage a landscape contractor the plan provides them with quantities and measurements to inform your landscaping quote.  dissentias has ex, no eum aliquid tibique petentium.

The sort of landscape plan you need depends on how much and what kind of design information you are trying to portray. 
If you need help with coming up with landscape design ideas for a new property or a fresh look too makeover your existing garden,  and this will include things like creating outdoor living areas and deciding on the layout of materials for paving and decks, then you will need a landscape plan or a landscape concept. 
If your landscape structures (decks, paths etc) are already in place and you just need help with the planting aspect, like deciding what plants to use, where they should go and how many you will need to buy,  then a planting plan or planting concept is what you will need. 
In more complex projects, where a lot of information needs to be provided,  you may need both. 

We hear this often. 

A considered plan can save you money. It will pull together all the aspects of the project and allows you to consider your options and the outcomes you desire. We have often been called in to ‘fix’ projects that have been started without a cohesive plan, and while we love a challenge, this can be more costly for you in the long run.
If your intention is for a landscape contractor to price or build your project, or you are building a new home, you will need a landscape plan. Either for resource consent submission or to provide detailed information for your contractor. This needs to show, as a minimum, the proposed garden layout in a scaled plan format, area quantities of hardscape and planting.  Materials, finishes and a plant schedule are typically also required. 
This information is usually shown in a landscape plan or,  if yours is a plant-focused project, in a landscape planting plan. In more complex projects, you may need both. 
If your project is just for a very small area our DIY Micro Design may suffice.  Unless the project is very small though,  a landscape plan is advisable.